Do You Take 2 Hours 12 Minutes to Get Ready In The Morning?

08 September 2010

6.45 am – alarm goes off
7.00 – begin beauty regime
8.58 – ta-daa, finished!

Really? Does anyone have this long to spare in the morning? According to a new survey of women’s pre-work pampering routines, women in the south east spend 1 hour 58minutes getting ready for a day at work…. And, geographically, they’re the least image conscious.

Indeed the average woman spends 2 hours 12 minute on her morning routine. That’s the equivalent of 32 days a year preening.
So why’s there always a woman on the number 38 bus struggling to apply her eyeliner in between speed bumps?

When you break it down into regions, Londoners spend the most amount of time dressing, spending almost nine minutes choosing their outfits (which we, honestly, thought was quite frugal).  Meanwhile Scottish women spend the most time bronzing – spending up to thirteen minutes each morning applying tanning products. Anyone else prefer pale limbs and an extra quarter of an hour snoozing?
But the oddest statistic in the bunch was this – ‘the average woman spends 3.4minutes a day applying deodorant.’ How can that be…? A spritz takes a second surely.

If anyone can explain this mystery, we’d love an explanation!

And no, we won’t be setting our alarms any earlier in the morning.
- Amy Molloy


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