OMG! Ultimate Big Brother has begun!

25 August 2010

Clear your social calendar for the next three weeks ladies, Ultimate Big Brother has begun… and it’s so good already (in a car-crash telly, just-can’t-bear-to-look-away sense).
Until last night we were pretty underwhelmed by the latest BB offering, but with the best (and worst) of the oldies back in the house it’s a veritable nostalgia fest. And we predict fireworks before the finale!
For anyone who missed last night’s episode, here are our top talking points:
- Chantelle and Preston. Should they / would they get back together? Their divorce wasn’t exactly amicable. Plus until a few weeks ago he was tweeting obsessively about his new girlfriend – yet during last night's show he said he was single…? Hmmm.
- The Chantelle and Nicky feud: it’s bound to happen. Nicky has previously said, ‘If there’s one person I wouldn’t want to see in the house its Chantelle.’ It’s only a matter of time before Nicky’s in the diary room throwing one of her signature tantrums. Ear plugs at the ready!

- Do we really need the celeb element? We’d swap Ulrika for Welsh Helen any day.  
- We forgot how much we a-dore Brian Dowling. Nasty Nick, who during an interview recently compared Brian to Eamonn Holmes, (Bri was not happy) better not go bullying him - or he’ll have us to deal with!
- Is Coolio confused about what reality show he’s taking part in? Simon Cowell won’t be on until Saturday… So STOP SINGING!

- Makosi - what the HECK was that dress? And is pervy old John Mcdoodah going to drool all over her (he said he hoped she was going in the house)?
- Has Nadia had yet another boob job?
Finally the Big Brother dynasty is back to its best…
- Amy Molloy


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