Sex or shortbread?

20 August 2010

With only a few hours of the working week to go, our thoughts have shifted to the more frivolous issues of the day… Specifically; which would you prefer, sex or shortbread?
The weighty dilemma of shortbread versus sex was raised by M&S to promote their new range of Shortbread thins (imagine a double cream and raspberry jam shortbread sandwich. Yes, they are as good as they sound).

In the name of research M&S quizzed the women of Britain on their naughty but nice snacking habits. One in four women named shortbread as their favourite tea time nibble – AND 15 per cent said they’d chose a cup of tea and a shortbread slice over a session in the sack.
M&S then broke it down into star signs… They found sweet-toothed Gemini’s were the most likely to give up nooky for a biccie. Whereas only 7 per cent of Cancers think it’s a fair exchange.  Furthermore, astrology apparently predicts what you’ll pick out the biscuit tin…
Star signs favourite biscuits:
Aries – Shortbread and digestive biscuits
Leo – Ginger snaps and dark chocolate jaffa cakes
Virgo - Dark Chocolate digestives
Taurus – Jam Sandwich Creams
Libra – Milk Chocolate digestives
Scorpio - Bourbon
Sagittarius – Custard Creams
Capricorn – Shortbread
Aquarius – Shortbread
Pisces – Shortbread
In the name of scientific research we’re off to do our own experiment…

 - Amy Molloy


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