Everything That's Wrong With Online Dating...

18 August 2010

Remember when the dating game was simple (well, simpler). Face-to-face dates were so much more matter of fact. The weird world of cyber romance couldn’t be more different. You need the skills of a shrink and a detective combined to separate the fakes from the plausible dates.

A new survey from 192.com has revealed 57 percent of single people don’t feel safe internet dating. And is it surprising when one in five admits they lie about their marital status.

On top of this almost 20 per cent fib about how old they are, shaving, on average, three years off their age. At the opposite end of the scale, men were more likely to increase their age. According to researchers, this is because they want to ‘display their ability to provide paternal investment and more resources.’

Not all women are looking for a father figure, you know…

In view of all this truth-bending, is it any wonder women are turning cyber detective? Nearly 40 percent of people on dating sites googled prospective dates before meeting them. Meanwhile a third of them admitted to Facebook stalking. Wise women we say, at least you know what you’re getting.

However, though we can justify checking facts like marital status, the powers of the internet shouldn’t be exploited. 192.com recommend girls scan their Land Registry Records to ‘reveal the value of your dates property, to find out if you’ve kissed a frog or a prince…’

One step too far or just doing your homework?

Tell us your tales, good and bad, from the world of internet dating!


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