When Did Miss Universe Become A Wet T-Shirt Contest?

17 August 2010

We remember when Miss Universe was all ‘we wish for world peace…’  Now it looks more like a wet t-shirt competition. We’re not being prudish; just check-out the photo shoot promoting this year’s contestants. Miss Trinidad (on the right) is just one pair of bikini pants from going full-frontal for her country.
Though these girls look more than comfortable in their birthday suits, it raises the question ‘can a beauty pageant be too sexy?’
Angie Meyer, a former pageant employee thinks so. ‘It's alarming that this has been turned into a Playboy-esque masquerade,’ Angie told Fox News, ‘by implementing topless photos as part of the pageant process, they're putting applicants in an extremely compromising position.’
Shallow and degrading yes, but isn’t this what the pageanteers brought into? Compare this photo shoot to the traditional swimwear round and there isn’t that much more flesh on show.

A representative for Miss Universe, Lark-Marie Anton, says daubing contestants is body paint isn’t inappropriate. ‘The contestants who compete at Miss Universe are diverse,’ she said, 'they represent more than 82 countries around the globe. Many of their cultures embrace nudity... We feel the images captured are fashionable and cutting edge!’

Do you agree?

By Amy Molloy


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