Which fashion trends do men equate with promiscuity?

12 August 2010

Accept it girls, there are certain fashion trends men will never understand. Harem pants for one. We think ‘so right for now’. He thinks ‘MC Hammer’.

But hey ho – each to their own. It’s our girlfriend’s admiring glances we really dress for, right?  

Just be careful your dress sense doesn’t give out false messages.  We don’t mind men thinking we’re unfashionable (what do they know) but 'easy'? That’s another matter.

A team of researchers from Mycelebrityfashion.co.uk questioned men on their girlfriend’s style habits. One of the question was ‘what trends make women look promiscuous’. Take a look at the list and see if you agree… 

1)    The ‘Bodycon’ Dress – 57%

2)    Crop Tops- 53%

3)    Corset Tops- 51%

4)    Lace – 45%

5)    ‘Underwear as Outerwear’ – 43%

6)    Pencil Skirts – 38%

7)    Knee-High Boots – 32%

8)    Stiletto High Heels – 29%

9)    Mini Skirts – 22%

10) Hipster Jeans – 19%

Now we take offence at a few of these suggestions. Ok, in the wrong hands corsets and lace can be more red light district then run way, but it’s all about the styling baby…

And Herve Leger might object to the number one slot!

When asked why bodycon equals ‘easy’ 65percent of men said it makes a woman look like she is ‘purposefully showing off her figure’. Meanwhile one in five said women who wear bodycon dresses are ‘trying to draw attention to themselves.’

It’s worth mentioning that 24 percent of these men also said they ‘wouldn’t allow’ a partner to wear something they disapproved of on a night out. At which point every woman in the office roared as one: wouldn’t allow?! Forget burning your bra, don some bodycon ladies, we’re going on a feminist march!


- Amy Molloy


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