Speechless. Company Makes 'Pro-Anorexia' Ads EVEN WORSE

10 August 2010

In the news today: pro-anorexia pretzels. Well, that’s what they’ve been branded, by eating disorder associations in the US – and all because of this billboard.

The ‘snappy’ slogan ‘you can never be too thin’ has sparked such national outrage many of the posters, dotted around New York City, have been graffitied with add-ons like ‘actually you can’ (and many more too X-rated to print).  

Pretzel Crisps responded to the controversy, saying, ‘We in no way advocate unhealthy weight loss or want to promote a bad body image. We appreciate your feedback and apologize if the ad offended people. We are listening to feedback and making some adjustments to the campaign.’

So what did they go and replace the slogan with….?

It’s not often we’re lost for words at Grazia Daily, but this ‘adjustment’ has left us speechless. Did they not read the memo about Kate Moss’s foot in mouth moment…? And does anyone out there think this is an improvement? [evgrieve]

- Amy Molloy


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