Should bikini-clad Brit have been arrested for indecency in Dubai mall?

06 August 2010

Us Brits abroad have got a bit of a rep for making a show of ourselves while on our summer hols (think lobster tans, drunken antics, etc). But one UK lady took it to a whole new level this week when she got arrested for indecency after stripping off to her bikini in the middle of a Dubai shopping mall. Yikes!

The girl in question was doing a spot of shopping at the famous Dubai Mall (the world’s biggest shopping centre, fact fans) fully dressed, when a local woman approached her and criticised her for flashing too much skin (according to reports the woman was wearing a ‘low cut top’). Instead of crawling away embarrassed (which, we’ll admit, is probably what we would have done) the annoyed Brit decided to strip down to her bikini in the middle of the shopping centre in protest, before the police were called and arrested her.

So was the girl right to stand up for her rights? Or should she have observed local custom and covered up a bit more? We’re on the fashion fence on this one…

by Laura Atkinson


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