Are YOU more attracted to men dressed in red?

05 August 2010

To every man who’s moaned, ‘I’ll never understand women’, a simple solution, change what colour you’re wearing. Scientists have discovered the way to a woman’s heart – not roses or poetry – but dressing in red. Yes, it’s apparently that simple (though we beg to differ) as we associate red with powers and passion.
Researchers from Rochester University in America showed women from around the world a photo of a ‘moderately attractive’ man. Through the wonders of photoshopped they changed his clothes to different colours and also filled in the border around the picture in various rainbow shades. The men with a red hue were voted most highly; seen as more desirable and ‘having a higher social status.’

Matthew McConaughey, Robert Pattinson and Kanye West

Researcher Andrew Elliot said that, in the animal kingdom, red is associated with power, dominance and fertility in the animal kingdom – and people are no different; 'this suggests that women’s thoughts and feelings toward men are, at least in part, primitive.'

To be honest we’re a little offended by this suggestion. A flash of red rag might work in a bull ring, but we’re not going to charge just because our dates got scarlet socks on.
However Dr Elliot insists it’s out of our control. He says the colour red has dual benefits in the mating game - it not only makes us see men as more powerful, but makes them feel more confident.

‘The red shirt that Tiger Woods adorns on the final day of golf tournaments likely provides him with a confidence-boosting reminder of his alpha status in the golf world as it simultaneously reminds his competitors they are probably facing another long day.’

Maybe Tiger wasn’t the best example. But if he wears the same shirt out on the town it could explain his luck with the ladies.
Do you think sex appeal is really that simple? And, if the same rules apply when the gender tables are turned, where can we buy a red dress in time for date night?  
- Amy Molloy


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