Are You 'Too Busy' To Lose Weight?

03 August 2010

With summer holiday season upon us, the nation’s women have embarked on a collective crash diet. Every year it’s the same: a fortnight before departure date, we wake in a cold sweat, gripped by ‘the fear’ – we’ve got to get our white bits out in public!

Cue frantic gym visits, cellulite brushing and cries of ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’

The answer is ‘because modern women are just too busy’ according to a study out this week. A sample of women, unhappy with their bodies, was asked ‘why have you lapsed on your fitness program?’

The number one excuse – given by 64 percent of participants - was lack of time. This was also blamed for reaching for ready-made junk instead of home-cooking healthy food.

Stress at work was also a contributing factor. Over thirty percent of respondents saying they comfort-ate after a tough day at work. A further forty percent of women said they don’t have enough time to shop for healthy food choices (umm, isn’t it just one aisle along?).

Excuses, excuses - or is healthy living just too time consuming? You tell us…


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