How far would you go in the name of Manolo?

30 July 2010

A new trend in the US is seeing shoe-a-holics turning to cosmetic surgery to fit their feet into the slinkiest stilettos.
The Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery has women lining up for their range of foot-fancying treatments. The ‘Cinderella Procedure’ is a preventative bunion correction that makes feet narrower. They also offer a harrowing sounding ‘Perfect 10! Aesthetic toe shortening’ operation’ . This ‘trims toes’ which hang over the edge of sandals. Talk about taking a pedicure a step too far!
There’s also ‘Foot-tuck fat pad augmentation’ where fat from a woman’s stomach is injected into the balls of her feet to add extra cushioning. Or how about a ‘pinky tuck’ where bone is shaved off your little toe to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
 ‘It’s unrealistic to tell women not to wear high heels,’ said podiatrist Ali Sadrieh the clinics founder, ‘I came up with procedures that allow the women to function, pain-free, in the real world.’

With British women estimated to spend £29million a year fixing ‘heel injuries’ such as bunions, corns and trapped nerves, it can only be a matter of time before this trend takes off over here.
Is any accessory worth going under the knife for? You tell us…

by Amy Molloy


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