When Were You Most Beautiful?

19 July 2010

At what age did you hit your aesthetic peak? Twenties, teens? Or is it still ahead of you? In a recent study, when 2000 men and women were questioned about their beauty time-line, the majority picked 31 as their optimum age. Do you agree?

Stars currently at the ‘prime age’ of beauty include Christine Bleakley, Kelly Brook, Claire Danes and Kate Hudson. All, indisputably, good-looking girls, however is a symmetrical face, perfect smile and pert figure all it takes? Or does beauty-potion have another secret ingredient?

The average British woman of 31 is married with at least one child. The majority of mothers (bar Elle Mapherson) will testify that their post-pregnancy body is far from their teenage form. Yet, still voted 'more attractive'…

When asked ‘what is beauty?’ the majority of women said it was more down to personality then looks. Over 70% said beauty is 'confidence', 67% said 'looks' and 47%, being stylish.

Almost two thirds of women surveyed agreed with the phrase 'with age, comes beauty', whilst over half said that as they age they shed their insecurities and felt more beautiful.

We want to hear from you… Do you feel more beautiful then when you were younger? Or do you disagree with all these findings and think it’s all downhill from 'sweet sixteen'?

By Amy Molloy


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