Quarter of tattooed Britons regret getting inked!

14 July 2010

Lured to the needle by inked-up stars like Angelina and Cheryl, nearly one in three Brits have a tattoo. But 23% already regret it, a new survey, carried out by AskJeeves.com has found (quiet afternoon in the Butler’s office?)…

Tatts, no longer the hallmark of punks and bikers, have been elevated into the mainstream by doodled on celebrities. But this is one tinseltown trend you should think twice before following (we bet Amanda Seyfried will be cursing Colin Firth for that tatt when she’s older).

Some stars pulls their body arts off (at least Angelina’s got the ball breaker attitude to match) but others, well, the jury is out…  Almost 60% of those adults questioned said Amy Winehouse looks worse for her collection of body art. However over 80% thought Megan Fox looked better.

When it comes to David Beckham’s tattoo sleeved arms, 74% of people said he’d gone ‘too far’.  

‘We have noticed an increasing number of our users asking Jeeves about tattoo removal services and about the various ways to get rid of them,’ said the site’s spokesperson Nadia Kelly (oh, that explains the link), ‘Tattoos are obviously more popular than ever and we get enquiries about the latest designs or to look at those sported by celebrities. But it does suggest that this is one of the things that seems like a great idea at first but which many come to regret when they grow older.’

Our advice is, shy away from love letter body art… That inked-on ‘ode to Dave’ may seem a good idea in the first flushes of love, but what happens if it all turns sour? Take heed from Johnny Depp – who got ‘Winona Forever’ tattooed on his bicep during their relationship and, post-split lasered one syllable off to read ‘Wino Forever’. Classy!

By Amy Molloy


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