WATCH Jude Law’s rock’n’roll karaoke moment!

13 July 2010

Yes yes, Jude Law, we know you’re a man of many talents. Droolsome sexiness despite that sketchy hairline, several cracking film roles under your belt (how fab was his mustached Dr. Watson in 'Sherlock Holmes'?!) and a style icon for arm candy in the shape of the gorgeous Miss Miller. But did you know he also has a killer set of lungs that could put Justin Bieber's vocal talents to shame? No? Well, we have the evidence! Just check out this gem of a video showing our Jude warbling his way through “Johnny B. Goode” in a Czech Republic karaoke bar. But brace yourselves, dear readers - there is a smidge of air guitar-ing and lip-pouting *shudder*

So you see, there’s no denying that the boy can seriously wail. And as much as Grazia Daily would relish being serenaded by the tight t-shirted man himself (and admittedly, this is waaay better than our tone-deaf attempt at "Dancing Queen"), he does come off as a little bit of a ‘I’m too cool for school’ show-off, don’t you think? Hand on heart, can you honestly say you didn’t cringe even a teeensy bit while watching that? It's a lesson we can all learn from: to avoid public embarrassment, do not get swept up in the karoke moment, allowing yourself to seriously believe you're a hardcore rockstar. You are not.

But of course, the diehard Jude fans among us will recall that this isn’t the first time he has sung his little heart out, oh no! In fact, the actor has made quite a habit of belting out tunes for the big screen. If you need a reminder, our first stop in the Grazia time machine is the stupendous rendition of “Tu vo' fa' l'Americano” in ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’. We defy you not to tap along to this jolly number:

Or how about this lesser-known episode of comely crooning in the costume drama ‘Wilde’? Ok, so it might not be quite as rock’n’roll as his Chuck Berry classic and that silky tie is highly questionable but we can’t help agreeing with Stephen Fry as he swoons over the “perfect in every way” Jude. Beyond dreamy...

So all this has us wondering whether La Law is angling for a musical cameo in Glee? If so, may we propose a duet with the hunky Mr Schu, because surely a rendition of "Hey Jude" is the obvious choice, no? We can picture it now - “Take a sad song and make it betteeerrr...” Now that we would pay good money to see!

by Jessica Vince



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