13 July 2010

I’m not sure what it says about team Grazia, that when this study popped up in our in-box this morning with the title ‘half of women keep one item of clothing on during sex’ our news editor asked, ‘What like? A hat?’ Like that was the most obvious choice…

In fact, of the 48% of women surveyed, who prefer to be semi-clothed in the boudoir, the most popular garment for over two thirds was a bra (how very Carrie Bradshaw). Almost 60% would rather wear ‘negligee’ than be naked, 40% high heels, 36% a dress and 31% knickers (is it only us that sees a logistical problem with this?)

So why do so few women dare to be bare? Over half said wearing heels or slinky lingerie ‘boosted their body confidence’, made them feel ‘sexier’ and that their breasts looked better in a bra. More worryingly, 43% said they wanted to ‘cover up’ their bodies.

This shyness is also why a staggering 87% of women prefer to do it in the dark. In contrast 63% of men prefer flood-lit fornication – the brighter the better so they can ‘see everything.’

‘This research has really unveiled how large a part clothes play when it comes to female body confidence,’ said Andy Barr, Marketing Director at MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk who carried out the study. ‘The fact that such a large proportion of women claim to feel sexier with an item kept on suggests that, whilst body confidence might be low, clothes can really improve a woman’s self-image. Yet women need to remember that men really don’t care about their wobbly bits, as proved by the fact that they men prefer to keep the lights on.’

 ‘Fess up Graziadaily-ites; which of you – even when it’s with a long term partner – prefer to cover-up? And if you’re a bare-naked lady in the bedroom, how do you feel about the study showing you’re in the minority?

By Amy Molloy


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