Is a Gay Best Friend just ‘the latest fashion accessory’?

12 July 2010

Forget the Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton leopard scarf (hard to, we know) or those bird print Miu Miu platforms– according to Vogue (well, the Teen version anyway) the fashion accessory a la mode is ….a gay best friend.

According to a recently posted ‘hot topic’ on Teen Vogue’s website there’s a ‘new trend’ amongst sweeping brat packers. ‘This spring, sixteen-year-old Mimi* noticed a new trend at her Pacific Palisades, California, high school. The must-have items for her fashionista classmates included a Proenza Schouler tie-dyed top, a shrunken military jacket, neon-bright chunky bracelets, and . . . a gay best friend.’   

‘A few years ago, all the popular, pretty girls were walking hand in hand with a preppy jock," she says. ‘Now you'll see them in hallways with a Mulberry bag on one arm and a Johnny Weir look-alike on the other.’

Although this is a new playground trend it will come as no surprise to the over 25s. Carrie and Stanford, Ugly Betty’s Marc and Amanda, Aggy and Henry (above) and a host of starlets and their hairdressers; a GBF’s the perfect way to fill the boyfriend void – with added benefits. As Jennifer Gray, Ph.D, a New York City psychologist analyses in the Teen Vogue article.

‘Friendships between girls are often fraught with competition, whether it's over looks, weight, boyfriends, or clothes,’ she explains, ‘But there is little underlying competition between young women and gay guys, which can often make for a stronger, more trusting relationship.’

But as with any fashion trend, you have to snap one up fast before they’re all gone…
‘There's a guy who's so in demand within this one social circle,’ said Mimi, ‘Girls will get jealous if he spends a night out with someone else. They used to get guy-crazy; now they get gay-crazy.’
And we thought this season was all about Silly Bandz

To be honest, we’re not quite sure what to make of the feature. On the one hand, we like the suggestion that ‘out’ gay teens are now being seen as a normal part of life in US high schools (especially as there has been so much controversy this year on whether gay teens are allowed to take their same-sex partners to their high school proms).

On the other hand, is it a great way to integrate teens of all sexualities by referring to ‘Gay Best Friends’ as an of-the-moment 'fashion accessory' ? And what happens when the 'hot new trend' for Gay Best Friends passes?

What do you think of the feature? Let us know, below...

By Amy Molloy


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