Models FINALLY Being Honest About What They Eat

07 July 2010

Is there anything more infuriating then a supermodel bleating on about her junk food addiction, how she lives on burgers and ‘I guess I just have a fast metabolism’. ‘I’d love a J-Lo butt but I just can’t put on weight.’ Pah! You’re not kidding anyone! We know there’s Aloe Vera juice in that cola can!

So three cheers for a new wave of skinny minnies who are telling it like it is…  Models are finally coming clean about the blood and tears it takes to make them look that good!

Take Giselle who follows ‘a very athletic regimen of running, jumping and water-resistance training’ and did Kung Fu throughout her pregnancy, only hanging up her trainers two weeks before giving birth.

Sports Illustrated model Daniella Sarahyba speed walks and does yoga every day. She also watches what she eats, ‘I drink coconut water, because people say it’s good for the skin. I generally try to eat a healthy diet, and one thing I’m really careful about is not eating carbohydrates at dinner. It’s too late, and I never feel good the next day if I do.’

Hungarian catwalk queen Eniko Mihalik is a regular gym goer. ‘I can’t work out too much because after two weeks I look like I’ve been training for a year. My new thing is to walk on the treadmill while boxing with light weights, listening to fast music. It looks funny but it works.’

Flawless actress Amanda Seyfried recently admitted she only stays so slim thanks to a raw food diet. 'It's intense. And sort of awful. Yesterday for lunch? Spinach. Just Spinach. Spinach and some seeds.'

We’d rather know the truth then be brushed off with the old ‘good genes’ excuse. But will it encourage other women to embark on unhealthily brutal diet and exercise regimes? In this case is honesty the best policy?

- Amy Molloy


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