Boredom Buster: Glasto & Wimbledon Special!

02 July 2010

Since being knocked out of the world cup, Glastonbury and Wimbledon are all that's been on our minds this week, and the prospect of a British tennis champion is a feeling the British public is not used to, so an epidemic of Murray-mania is officially sweeping across the nation. Meanwhile, the festival season has officially begun with the annual wet wellie fest that is Glastonbury. Hold onto your seats though - there wasn't a drop of rain all weekend. Shocker! So Britain is not only producing fine sporting talent (let's not mention the football again) but is also producing fine weather. Isn't life grand, eh? With this in mind, Boredom Buster has collected up a few amusing clips to sum up the show-stopping events at Glasto and Wimbledon 2010. Being Boredom Buster, we're not so much concerned with the details - who's playing who, who's headlining, blah blah. More, the things that made us break a smirk as we sit in our sun loungers dripping with baby oil. Oh yes, summer is officially here.

Wimbledon - a sophisticated, British institution with top-of-the-range equipment, and polite and well mannered staff...or so you thought. This guy was clearly going stir-crazy with boredom as a result of the 11 hr 5 min match between Isner and Mahut last week. We particularly like the eyebrows.

Murray's sulky face is appearing everywhere at the moment; it's inescapable. But this clip particularly made us laugh, and we like how he thinks that wiping the sweaty towel over his tongue will remove the taste of...water. He hasn't made himself look stuck-up at all *ahem* Boris Becker's commentary is also rather amusing; 'looking pretty right now.' Really Boris, you couldn't think of anything better to say in that strangely sexy German accent?

This video pretty much sums up Glastonbury. The music is one thing, but the drunken antics are another. It does exactly what it says on the tin; a funny drunk man at Glastonbury. The poor guy doesn't know what's hit him.

The Scissor Sisters and Kylie taking campness to a whole new level. Anna's gyrating hips with Kylie's attempts to sing falsetto, and Jake's rather fetching attire (or lack thereof) all contribute to an awesome mash-up of sounds. The dance moves are also especially attractive...!

by Grazia's lovely intern Freya Parr


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