What would YOU sacrifice to get your hands on the latest fashion item?

01 July 2010

You know those Louboutins you’ve been shop window stalking all season - how far would you go to get them in your closet? Give up your daily Starbucks fix? Cancel your gym membership? How about stealing from your nearest and dearest? Gasp in horror all you want but, as anyone who’s been inside a sample sale knows, nothing stands in the way of a woman and her fantasy wardrobe.

Now a survey conducted by Lypsyl has uncovered the drastic lengths fashion addicts will go to for a fashion fix…

Almost 50% of women said they’d take a second job, to save for this season’s IT item.

The same number said they’d cancel ALL social engagements for a month. Do you think it’s a justifiable sacrifice? A few less nights out for a new piece of arm candy!

But not all shopaholics tactics are as moral. Nearly 10% of women said they’d sell their boyfriend’s CDs, computer games or favourite clothes to raise the funds for the latest must-have shoes or handbag.

Even more shockingly, 5% of the women surveyed said they would steal their child’s pocket money to keep up with the latest trends. Really? Are their actually mothers out their who would smash-and-grab their kid’s piggy bank for a wardrobe upgrade?

In light of this, we want to hear your confessions. What have you sacrificed in the name of fashion?

By Amy Molloy


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