Wimbledon accused of voyeurism

30 June 2010

Unlike the typical beer-and-cheer football fan, spectators at Wimbledon are a courteous bunch. Sipping their champs, nibbling their strawberries, clapping politely at appropriate moments. But this year’s tropical temperatures have made them more amorous. The BBC has had record complaints about the ‘lack of decorum’ shown by couples kissing in the stands and the ‘low cut tops’ worn by female spectators. 'Wimbledon used to be the one place where you expected a little decorum. Sadly no longer,’ complained one viewer.

Over 150 viewers have complained about the BBC’s panoramic crowd shots on the broadcaster’s message board. One shot of a man nibbling on his girlfriend’s ear got the most backlash, described by viewers as ‘like a scene from a nightclub.’
'You can guarantee that every time there is a player break, the camera will seek out young women with low tops, couples having a kiss and women eating.’

Another viewer wrote, ‘Voyeurism is definitely one way I would use to describe it and gross invasion of privacy on the part of spectators. It is tasteless, unprofessional and yet another nail in the coffin of what used to pass for decency and respect in this country.’

Looking at the pictures do you think the complaints are justified? Or is it nice to see the people of Britain enjoying themselves in the sunshine?

- Amy Molloy



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