25 June 2010

Poor old WAG’s… They can’t win either way. Blamed for England’s defeat in 2006 because they were a ‘distraction’, if our boys had been prematurely knocked-out last night you just know it would be because there wives weren’t on the sidelines... Thankfully we got through (phew), so do you think Capello should reward the boys by lifting his ban and letting the WAGs loose in the GB training camp?

If the results of a new study are anything to go by, football fans should pray Capello stands his ground. Ok, Rooney might be stropping because his Nintendo’s been confiscated, but having Colleen in the vicinity may push him over the edge...

The Philips Health & Wellbeing Index, who interviewed 3000 participants, about their personal relationships, found our partners make our blood boil more then our bosses. Nearly 60% of people said their spouse stressed them out the most, whilst only 40% blamed their employers. Nearly all the participants – 93% - said their relationship with their friends is vital to their sense of well-being. With this in mind, maybe mates are the strategy. Capello should forget the WAG’s and bring in the lads! Then we might have a chance of lifting the trophy…

What do you think?


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