With a film of Isabella Blow’s life in the pipeline, who should play who?

04 June 2010

Phillip Treacy already has his sights on a certain leading man to play him. ‘I am trying desperately to forget that someone will actually have to play me in this film,’ the milliner told Vogue, ‘I would never want to appear in it myself. Acting isn't my forte. If I could pick anyone I'd run with Brad Pitt but it's wishful thinking and perhaps not very likely I know.’

Oh you, never know… But Brad would have to ditch that awful woollen beret. If Brad is busy, how about Johnny Depp? He has experience at playing a mad hatter after all.
But who should play Alexander McQueen? And the star of the biopic, Isabella? These are some fashionable (and eccentric) shoes to fill, though close friend Andre Leon Talley has hinted we won’t be disappointed in the casting.
‘Who should play Isabella?’ said Andre, ‘Treacy has a great trick up his hat, and it's going to rock the world, but he cannot reveal it until this major new talent confirms.’ It’s got to be a starlet who can pull off those headpieces. SJP has a proven Treacy track record. Or how about Gaga taking a foray into acting?
It's rumoured John Galliano will play himself (who else could play such a ‘one of a kind’?), but, though we wish it were true, we somehow doubt Anna Wintour will follow suit.
Who would be your fantasy cast-list? You never know, maybe the producers make take your suggestions on board.
By Amy Molloy 


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