Do YOU make less effort as the week goes on?

03 June 2010

How long did it take you to get dressed this morning? Did you pick up yesterday’s outfit from a ball on the floor, dust it off and  put it on (shame on you), spend forty minutes weighing up clogs v pumps or, like our fashion news editor Kay, lay out your outfit the night before (yes, she really does this EVERY EVENING).
Apparently, being Thursday, the first option is most likely. A new poll, carried out by Debenhams, has revealed that, as the working week goes on we make less and less effort with our appearances.

On a Monday women take, on average, 76 minutes to get ready.
However, standards slip dramatically with each passing day, so that by the time Friday comes, the time spent on their appearance has slumped to just a quarter of the original figure (less, we imagine if you’ve had a late Thursday night).  
On a Monday the average woman devotes 23 minutes to their hair, 18 minutes on make up and 16 trying out different clothing combos (with the rest taken up by showering and washing). However, come Tuesday this figure falls to just 40 minutes: with time spent on hair falling to 12 minutes, make up to 9 minutes and nine minutes deciding what to wear. And let’s not even talk about Friday, when 19 minutes is all we take (dry shampoo and wet wipe anyone?).
‘Many women clearly experience a major fashion deficit as the week goes on,’ said Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson, ‘For some it’s a swift journey from Cheryl Cole to Nora Batty – in just five days.’
Think back to what you wore on Monday… Now look down at yourself: have you kept up the standard? Or in the last four days has your style taken a downward slide? You tell us...
By Amy Molloy


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