Sex: So How Was it For You?

01 June 2010

Carrie and co got some of the most vitriolic reviews of the year and the box office wasn't quite as sparkling as expected either (in America, the movie was beaten by Shrek 4 and Prince of Persia on opening weekend*). But what did you think?
Were the jokes too dumb? Were the girls irritating? Do you agree that the fashion was average? Worst of all, did you think that it was racist?
Or are you prepared to break ranks and admit that you actually - whisper it - quite enjoyed the ride, loved being back with the girls, giggled at the odd killer line and revelled in the movie's celebration of female friendship?
And finally, given that so many action films - from James Bond to Die Hard - are xenophobic, sexist, and packed with cheesy one liners, why don't they get this kind of treatment from critics? So why has SATC2?
Please discuss - dying to hear what you think!
by Hannah Marriott, Entertainment Editor
* UPDATE: According to Heat editor Charles Gant's film blog, the movie SMASHED it in the box office in the UK...


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