Designer Ads 'Unrealistic' Shocker!

27 May 2010

A Louis Vuitton ad has been banned for breaching the ‘truthfulness clause’ of the Advertising Standards Agency. It’s crime? Showing a seamstress hand-stitching one of their trademark bags, when in reality those famous LV initials are machine-made. ‘We had not seen evidence that demonstrated the extent to which Louis Vuitton products were made by hand, we concluded that the ads were misleading,’ said the ASA.

Were you one of the whopping THREE people who complained? If not, we assume you think this is a ludicrous as we do. How realistic are adverts anyway?

With one bag going through 100 manufacturing stages, the Louis Vuitton admits, though some parts are hand-stitched, others are machine generated. Bosses at Louis Vuitton told the ASA that its 'artisans were trained over many years to be able to carry out the various activities involved in the creation of one of their accessories' and the models in the photos were 'instructed' how to pose by experts.

So where’s the problem? Aren’t all ad campaigns role played? Do you really think those models kissing are in luuurve? That the woman in Marc Jacob’s campaign was actually a pomegranate picker? Or that the models (including Pixie Geldof) in Agent Provocateur's new ‘virgin collection’ campaign fit into that category?

How boring would commercial breaks be if every ad was 100% factual? Let ads have free creative reign, we say. When it comes to fashion what’s wrong with a little fantasy?  

By Amy Molloy


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