Are you a Cyber-Spy?

24 May 2010

Have you ever cyber-spied on your spouse? Go on, be honest… If yes, you’re not alone. A new study has revealed spousal surveillance is on the up, with nearly 15% of wives reading their other halves' emails and checking their mobiles for suspicious text messages.   

'One of the surprising findings was that surveillance was undertaken more often by wives than husbands,’ said Dr Ellen Helsper from the London School of Economics who carried out the study, ‘This contrasts with research that suggests that women are less technologically skilled than men. It seems that they are able to overcome these barriers when they feel their relationship is at stake.'

Does anyone else think this as a little patronising: the suggestion that women only mastered the web for the purpose of spying on men? Either way, statistics support the fact that women are more suspicious then guys – of the 500 men surveyed for the report, only 8% admitted to playing private detective, checking their wives' or girlfriends' emails, whilst 7% had perused their texts. Either they’re not telling the truth, they’re just far more trusting, or – like a certain Boyzone member – they know every accomplished cheater has a second mobile for his ‘personal’ calls.

Is spousal surveillance really anything new? The generation before us checked collars for lipstick and rummaged through suit pockets for ‘dinner for two’ restaurant receipts – our methods have just evolved a little. We want to hear your views on spousal surveillance… Have you done it – and felt guilty about it? Or is there something wrong in your relationship if you need to cyber snoop to trust him?

By Amy Molloy


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