What’s your secret?

17 May 2010

So it’s a bit (well, a lot) of a rip off of Post Secret but that doesn’t make this Twitter page any less addictive. On Ohmysecrets, anonymous tweeters post their deepest darkest confessions – and, wow, whilst some are quite light hearted others are just heartbreaking.
Here’s a selection of the most gripping revelations – it was so hard to chose, our list could have gone on and on. It’s got us thinking about the skeletons in our own closets. Maybe we’ve included a few of them below… That’s the thing, you wouldn’t know!
How brave are you feeling Grazia readers? We want to hear your secrets… Go on, get it off your chest!
I'm scared of getting in a relationship because I'm too afraid to disappoint someone. #OhMySecrets
I miss being a little kid.. when you could just be yourself and no one would judge you.. #OhMySecrets
I regret the scars on my arm, but i don't regret making them. i made so many friends at the hospitals they sent me to. #OhMySecrets
I still use a care bear towel. #OhMySecrets
My life changed the day my sister told me if i died, it would take a few days for anybody to notice, and i realized it was true #OhMySecrets
I don't know if my friends need me as much as I need them... #OhMySecrets
I'm scared to come out of the closet. #OhMySecrets
I lie to people so they will like me. #OhMySecrets
I've stopped eating before. two people know that. I regret telling the first person I told. #OhMySecrets
Without all my makeup, a hair straighteners, and contact lenses, I would be f**king hideous. #OhMySecrets
I have just been diagnosed with HIV and I made a promise to myself that I won't let it bring me down! #OhMySecrets
I only love my dad during the day, because he's drunk every night. #OhMySecrets

I cry in the shower #OhMySecrets
Why do people always depend on me ? I wonder what would happen if I just disappear. Who would they depend on? #OhMySecrets
I'd rather be in a stable relationship with someone I don't really love, than be alone #OhMySecrets
My parents dont know I'm dating a guy 600+ miles away. #OhMySecrets
I'm the ugly sibling. #OhMySecrets
Over to you ladies, ‘fess up…
By Amy Molloy


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