BEWARE! Twitter makes you insecure!

11 May 2010

What did stars do to feed their egos before Twitter was invented? Hang around record shops perusing their own CDs? Go undercover on their fan club message board? Tinsletowners are more insecure than you think, you know – a fact highlighted last night when a ‘bug’ brought Twitterland to its knees, erasing the following of every account the hackers targeted. Vanishing fans? It’s every stars nightmare! From this pick of the tweets, as you’ll see, it caused panic…
@iamdiddy [Pdiddy]; I feel so lonely!!!!! Lol :) come back soon. I can't live without yall!!! :( can somebody send me some followers pls lol :).
; OMG! NOOOO. Twitter says I have 0 followers! I think I just lost my heart into my toes...
@justinbieber; So I woke up here in LA and Twitter has been hacked. Turns out I am no longer popular.’
@justinbieber; [hackers] u have now peed off over 2 million teenage girls. They are more dangerous than Navy Seals.
@aplusk [Ashton Kutcher]; twitter is being hacked by some turkish hacker. I have 0 follower!!!
@ashtonkutcher; Whew! There’s an update from Twitter, ‘missing relationships are being restored’.
@simonpegg; I appear to following no one and have no followers. Is this because I was mildly eggy earlier? Is anyone out there?
@simonpegg; I was all like guys? Guys? GUYS? Ha ha ha. That's funny right? That I thought I was alone. That's funny isn't it guys? Guys? GUYS?!!
@marthastweart; Thank you twitter for fixing the "follow bug" so quickly. I was a little worried when I had 0 followers for a moment
@perezhilton; We will all remember today! The day twitter exploded
@domjolly; If all 25,000 of you are hiding in my kitchen I’m going to be really peed off.
@stephenfry; Do you know, I was sure I had more followers than that. Must have imagined it.
But we think Joe Jonas, of the Jonas Brother put in best when he said:
@joejonas; Wait.. So this means I have to ‘talk’ to my friends... :^/
All this mayhem and it was only down for two hours!



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