Boredom buster – ‘You’re not Lady Gaga’ special

07 May 2010

This week’s boredom buster comes with a health warning.  Please don’t go any further if you
1. Are of a sensitive  disposition
2. Value your  sanity
3. Are planning to eat cheese shortly  before retiring this evening
In the words of Sue Sylvester, 'That's the most disturbing thing I've ever seen, and that includes a kindergarten production of Hair!' GraziaDaily readers, prepare to be…well, just be prepared!

We’re starting you off gently.  Very gently in fact, as these boys are actually fabulous, and extremely talented.  Here at Grazia HQ, we all have major crushes on them – as our mothers would say, what lovely boys!
Keeping with the boy theme, this offering comes courtesy of some US troops serving in Afghanistan.  Sadly they lack some of the talent of the college kids, but what they lack in talent they more than make up for in sheer enthusiasm.  Go soldier boys!
Hhhmmmm.  So now we start to get a little, no, extremely strange.  Introducing Lady Gagita feat.Haronce. There are no words.  Oh, yes there are: we’re very sorry…

And now to Brazil.  Forget Bad Romance, this is all about Bad Parenting.  Fast forward 10 years and we can see a Britney-head-shaving scenario occurring…

- Siam Goorwich




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