Are we making men depressed?

05 May 2010

Depression among women is on the rise, we know that. More and more anti-depressants are being prescribed and each week another high profile female speaks out about her mental battles. But what about men? Are they any happier?

Apparently not, according to Tim Lott who wrote an eyebrow-raising commentary in The Independent this week, which inferred women’s depression is having a knock on effect - dragging husbands and boyfriends down too.

‘Many men see their success as a husband – archaically, perhaps – as connected with their success in being able to create a world in which their partner can feel content,’ said Tim, ‘But their partners may not be happy.’

So: wife gets depressed, husband tries to fix it (and can’t), husband gets depressed too…

Tim goes on to highlight a second problem that these days, ‘A lot of women aren’t especially appreciative of their husbands.’

‘Many women make it a priority to be good friends, good mothers, good members of the community or good at their job.’ he said, ‘But many don't really think being appreciative of their husbands – or, if you like, a ‘good wife’ – features very highly on the list. After all, that is what those housewives of the 1950s aspired to and modern women are determined not to go back to that dreary prison.’

So now on top of the fact there’s no milk in the fridge, clean socks in his drawer and he forgot his Mum’s birthday, we’re also to blame for his poor mental health… Do you think the death of the stay-at-home wife is making men depressed? If not, what’s making us all so unhappy?

By Amy Molloy


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