Kors: 'Robotic 14 year old' Models Are A Turn-Off For 'Bra-Wearing Grown-Up Women'

04 May 2010

Not since Kate Moss declared ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ has a quote from planet fashion got us chatting like this one…

This weekend Michael Kors, who in March announced he will no longer hire underage models for his catwalk shows, defended his decision with this thought provoking sound-bite…

‘If you send out an army of robotic 14-year-old children dressed up in their mum's clothes I think the reality is that it's a turnoff,’ said Kors, ‘Unless you are in fact a robotic 14-year-old. Women say, 'Well, wait a sec, I wear a bra. I have to go to the office. Where are clothes that I can actually wear?'

It’s a balancing act Kors says: catwalk shows have to sell a ‘fantasy’ - one that we aspire, but still relate to (and wear to a business meeting without feeling grossly inappropriate).

‘Models, by nature, are not supposed to look like you and me,’ he said, ‘They are exemplary. They have bone structure and height and lengths of leg that normal people don't have. But you want that to be based on genes, and if they're adults, you want that to be based on adults who take care of themselves.’

Gymslip models have been employed in the industry for years – Twiggy and Kate Moss swapped their school uniforms for haute couture – yet it hasn’t stopped fashionistas like us drooling over the clothes they’re modelling – whether they’re practical for our fuller figures or not. Isn’t part of the joy of fashion the fantasy? Five inch heels aren’t sensible work-wear either, but that doesn’t stop us donning them when we need a Monday pick-me-up.

Or is Kors bang on the money with his comment and teenybopper models are a turn off? You tell us…

- Amy Molloy


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