Does kissing count as cheating?

30 April 2010

When the results of this survey dropped into out inbox, we couldn’t believe our eyes. When over 1000 women were quizzed on what they categorised as cheating a staggering 68% said kissing was NOT! Let us speak for the rest of womankind when we leap on our soapbox and shout, ‘WHAAAAT?’

Would you kiss another man in front of your boyfriend (we’re not talking a peck on the cheek here, a full on liplocker)? If the answer is no, then there’s your answer. Of course kissing is cheating… isn’t it?

‘The issue of cheating is definitely in women's minds at the moment with so many high-profile men being caught either sending inappropriate texts or sleeping with women other than their partners,’ said Alaina Vieru, the editor of who commissioned the survey, ‘It has opened a huge debate about what exactly counts as cheating.’

The participants were quizzed on a list of offences…

Flirting - 15% DO count as cheating
Texting of emailing 15%
Going for a drink 13%
Chatting online 12%
Chatting on the phone 12%
None of the above 2%

Well, these results aren’t quite as surprising. Few would break up with a spouse for just texting a girl (unless it was in the Ashley Cole school of sexting). Would your hackles rise if your other half went for an innocent drink with a girl? Or make allowances because there was no physical contact? Say she was prettier then you? Come on, let’s not pretend that isn’t a factor for the green eyed monster…  

But it’s the kissing-isn’t-cheating stat we can’t get over. Is kissing another woman really allowable if ‘it didn’t go any further then that?’ Or is lip on lip contact a relationship breaker?

Join us on our soap box…

By Amy Molloy


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