Why don't men share our Carrie crush?

29 April 2010

With the premiere of the new Sex In the City film looming, three initials S – J – P are splashed across every glossy on the newsstand (including ours – look out for our special Sex In the City issue on sale the 25th May). Every girl harbours a secret girl crush on at least one member of team Carrie and Co – but what about men? Are they equally enamoured?  Well, by the feeble number of men-folk we spotted in the line for the last SATC film (and we saw it five times so feel qualified to comment) and the fact last year she was voted Maxim’s ‘least sexy woman of the year’ the answer is NO! So, why don’t men ‘get’ Carrie’s magic?

Originally we thought it was her dress sense. As one male blogger complained, ‘she dresses like a girl pretending to be a princess.’ Although we think she pulled off that tutu…

Now, there’s a new theory being bounced around the blogosphere. It’s not her clothes parse that put men off or how she looks in them – it’s the ‘unhealthy’ amount of time she spends fixating on fashion.   

A straw poll of the (few) men in our office found they took offence when Carrie forced Berger into Prada, looked down on the woman wearing the scrunchie and changed her wedding plans because she fell in love with a Westwood. Speaking about the episode when Aiden moved in, our XY correspondent said, ‘If my girlfriend tantrummed like that because she had to share her wardrobe space, I’d be out of there…’

Maybe it’s not Carrie’s kooky clothes which are the deal breaker. It’s the fact she prioritises fashion and shopping (with a $40,000 shoe debt to prove it) over everything…  

We want you to weigh in with your theory...

By Amy Molloy


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