ELECTION SURVEY: who are you loving and loathing?

28 April 2010

Is politics putting a strain on your relationship? He’s in the blue corner, you’re in the red (or vice versa) the next thing one of you is kipping on the sofa.

A new survey has revealed 47% of couples have argued over their political allegiances. It’s all down to loyalty, apparently – 39% said they expected their spouse to vote the same way as them.
It’s not surprising then that 1 in 5 girl and boyfriends said they’ll be keeping who they’re voting for under wraps, so as not to avoid conflict.
The elections having an impact on the love lives of single Brits as well: more than 1 in 10 said they wouldn't consider dating someone who backed a different political party to them. But what if you don’t find out until it’s too late? Are first daters now asking ‘which box did you tick’ as their starter? Or was it his bright yellow tie which gave him away?
Do you think supporting opposing parties is a relationship deal breaker? Have you ever dumped or been dumped because of your vote? We want to hear!
We also want to know who you’re loving and loathing with the election less then a week away.  Over 68% of you thought Clegg performed best in the Sky live debate – but does he still impress? Take our quick fire poll and tell us by clicking here.


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