And they’re off…

09 April 2010

Okay, so about an hour after the election was announced we got slightly jaded by all the talk of swing-o-meters, hung parliaments and the sight of politicians meeting and greeting their public with their sleeves rolled up to show they really CARE! We’re even slightly over the first wife fash-off, if we’re honest. Where are the female politicians we can relate to? Where are the straight talkers who will give us a clear answer to a simple question? Is that too much to ask people? But just when we were thinking this election was all a bit blah and MP’s all a bit bleurgh and were wondering if any  of them really deserved our vote, a new website,, caught our eye. Answer 30 questions and it will match you up with your closest political
match…we guarantee you’ll be surprised by the answers…cue spats with your colleagues, fallings outs with your other half and a lot of jaws on the floor…

Meanwhile, we’ve decided to run a weekly poll and get inside Grazia woman’s mind (Gordon Brown did dub this the ‘Grazia election’ in his interview with us after all!). So, after last week’s survey this is where you were at…

•    31 per cent of you were still undecided how to vote (compared to 26 per cent (Lab) 30 per cent (Con) and 12 per cent (Lib).
•    The leader you could relate to most was David Cameron (42 per cent), followed by Gordon Brown (30 per cent) then Nick Clegg (15 per cent)
•     Most of you (55 per cent) don’t think Samantha Cameron’s pregnancy will make any difference to the way you’ll vote and most of you (46 per cent) said that Sarah Brown was the most likeable political wife.
•    The most pressing issue was the country's deficit (41 per cent) followed by Education (29 per cent) and the NHS (15 per cent); you say Labour best represents your values (37 per cent), closely followed by Conservatives (35 per cent)
•    After the TV chancellor’s debate you trusted Alistair Darling with the economy the most (38 per cent), Vince Cable (31 per cent) and George Osbourne the least (30 per cent).
•    And most of you (35 per cent ) are finding this election the most exciting and important of your life!

So what are you thinking this week? Get involved in our latest quick-fire poll now by clicking here.


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