Talking Point: does Tiger Woods deserve any applause?

23 March 2010

This week Tiger Woods gave his first interview since that can-of-worms-opening car crash.  Shame faced and doe-eyed, the golfer put on a good show of sorrow.  
But, after the recent misdemeanors of Mark Owen and co., we’ve got public apology fatigue and are a tough audience to win over…
‘I was living a life of a lie,’ said Tiger, ‘And I was doing a lot of things that hurt a lot of people. Stripping away denial and rationalisation, you come to the truth of who you really are and that can be very ugly.’
Tiger, now in out-patient rehab for sex addiction, was asked why he didn’t seek treatment sooner. ‘I didn’t think I was that bad,’ he said. Which begs us to ask, how many mistresses did he deem acceptable? Did he see one or five as fine, then realise he was ‘bad’ when he got to double figures?  
Tiger says he’s now ‘conquering’ his problems and is planning his return to the golf course.
So, now he's apologised, had treatment and 'wants to make amends' do you think Tiger deserves a 'couple of claps here and there' when he makes a comeback?
By Amy Molloy




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