Talking Point: Is shorn chic?

16 March 2010

What is it about a shorn head that makes headlines? Whether through illness, stress or to make a fashion statement, there’s nothing like a crew cut to make our jaws drop. This time (unlike Britters) it was for all the right reasons. We spotted this picture taken on the first day of Lakme fashion week in Mumbai – and how hot is this model? Who said it’s the hair that makes the woman?

It’s been a while now since a star has rocked a crew cut. Demi Moore and Sinead O’Connor led the way - the first for a film part, the second to make a statement - and Natalie Portman was the most recent.

‘Some people will think I'm a neo-Nazi or that I have cancer or I'm a lesbian,’ Natalie said at the time, shaving her head for her role in V for Vendetta. But the consensus of opinion was, against the odds, the pixie-like actress pulled it off…

Seattle band ‘Natalie Portman’s shaved head’ even named themselves after her.

We applaud any creative fashionista who’s willing to experiment and push the boundaries (how else would shoots and jeggings have been invented?) and what bigger gamble then shaving your locks? I mean, an entire head of hair takes a long time to grow back…

Thankfully for this model, she puts the chic back into shorn.  As does Amber Rose (often compared to Skunk Anansie) who’s unique (uh-hum) style has made her a regular fixture in fashion columns.  But would you dare to go bare on-top?
Without a fringe what would we hide our blushes behind? Let alone the occasional spot…

It’s all in the shape of your face according to Moulay Yacoubi of the Pierre Michael Salon in New York who says you need a ‘lot of moxie and a rocker edge’ to suit the style.

‘You would need to have an oval or heart shaped face,’ said Moulay, ‘It helps to have clear skin and strong symmetrical features too since the face will be the focal point.’

We know Grazia readers are a devoted bunch, and like to keep up with the latest trends. If this takes off, and more stars reach for their razors, is this a look du jour you’d be willing to copy? Or would nothing convince you to part with your locks? You tell us…

By Amy Molloy


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