DEBATE: The HAPPY Wives Club (?)

15 March 2010


Husbands have been getting bad press of late. If you took the example of star spouses as the norm - Tiger, Ashley, Vernon, even little Mark Owen - you’d never trust your partner to go out on his own again (who else has uttered this phrase this week, ‘is there ANYONE who isn’t cheating?’). Now, determined to prove these bad-beaus are in the minority, one American housewife, Fawn Weaver has embarked on a one woman mission, to prove the honeymoon period never has to end…  

She aims to recruit one million members in the next six months to ‘The Happy Wives Club’. She asks her members to blog their ‘nuggets of wisdom’ on pleasing their husbands because ‘there are many women out there longing for what you've already attained.’

‘Wives are miserable.  Marriages usually fail.  Husbands eventually cheat.  This is what so many have come to believe,’ said Fawn, ‘But this is not everyone's reality.  It is certainly not mine.  I am a happy wife.  I love being married.  I adore my husband.  And I am not an anomaly.’

Do you agree with her Platinum Rule for a successful marriage? which is ‘Have no Plan B, it distracts from Plan A.’ In short, ‘divorce or infidelity is not an option.’

Fawn says because women today know they have other options (and if the worst comes to the worst can go out on their own) they don’t ‘dig in [their] heels’ and work through relationship problems, like housewives did in the thirties.

‘If Plan A is a healthy marriage and we remain laser beam focused on it we will invest all the time necessary to ensure its success.  Nothing and no one will be able to come between us and our husband or cause us to waiver in our determination because failure is not an option.’

According to Fawn’s philosophy this means Cheryl and co. should forgive and stand by their men. ‘As women who are happily married, we have stories to share,’ she said, ‘Don’t let another marriage go down without putting up a fight.’

Reading through the Happy Wives Clubs blog posts, raises two talking points. 1) The definition of a ‘successful’ marriage… From Fawn’s advice, success = ring still on finger +no divorce papers (nevermind if you’re barely speaking and sleeping in separate bedrooms). If your relationship is so stalled you need her ‘how to become a happy wife, quick tip’ newsletters, isn’t that a sign you should cut your losses and get out…

More to the point, we’re quite depressed by the notion that happy wives are so scarce in this day and age (to date she only has 700 members worldwide), their exclusiveness is worthy of a club at all.

On you tea-break, if you get a sec, take a glance at the Happy Wives Club website and tell us your thoughts… Does it restore your faith in wedded bliss or put you off tying the knot, full stop?

- Amy Molloy


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