Talking Point: Sexual Anorexia

12 March 2010

Thanks to the Tiger saga, in recent weeks the topic of sex addiction has been debated hotly. Real of fake? An illness or an excuse? The jury’s still out on this one…Well, now there’s a new faux condition du jour. ‘Sexual anorexia’ –the flip side of Tigers plight (otherwise known as ‘not tonight love, I’ve got a headache’).

Dr Drew Pinsky, an American addiction expert, who fronts the reality tv show ‘Sex Rehab with Dr Drew’, says professionals take this ‘condition’ very seriously. The topic of low sex drive came to light in an ‘ask the experts’ session on addiction posted on the New York Times website.

‘Why do we not treat ‘too little’ sex as a disease?’ asked one reader, ‘It strikes me that denial of eroticism, placing life-curbing restrictions on sex or sex partners should be considered just as much of a problem as too much sex.’
But it IS a disease, according to Dr Drew, who says ‘people with intimacy disorders cannot tolerate closeness’ and need the condition to be treated ‘rigorously.’  

His opinion has proved controversial, with other medical professional claiming there’s no such thing – that everyone’s sex drive has peaks and troughs and, just because you can happily go weeks without getting jiggy, it doesn’t mean you have mental problems. First came pregorexia, then drunkorexia – pardon us for being ignorant, but these aren’t illnesses, just lifestyle preferences…

Do you think ‘sexual anorexia’ will catch on (our moneys on Li-Lo being first in the Priory) … Hey, at least it’s a better excuse then ‘I’ve got an early start tomorrow.’
By Amy Molloy.


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