How much would you pay for designer dimples?

04 March 2010

Forget J Lo's derriere and Angelina’s lips. On the back of her award season sweep, cosmetics surgeons have been inundated with requests for Carey Mulligan’s dimples…

‘I’ve probably done a couple of hundred dimples,’ says Dr. Gal Aharonov, a facial plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, ‘People will fly in from all over the world for it.’

Of his patients, 65% are women, mostly opting for dimples on one or both cheeks a la Jennifer Garner, whilst men tend to opt for chin dimples in the vein of Russell Crowe and Simon Cowell (a procedure in the past only Michael Jackson went as far as).

But designer dimples come at a cost – anywhere from $2000 to $5000 depending on the number and the variety (cheek or cleft).

But according to Doctor Aharonov, single women should consider it, as the final result will boost your sex appeal ten fold. ‘I think part of it is the dynamic nature of dimples,’ he says. ‘One second they’re there, the next second they’re not. I think humans — animals, in general — like things that grab your attention. We like things that are shiny, that sparkle. It’s like playing peek-a-boo with a kid.’

Umm, we’re trying to attract a husband, not a magpie… Still, we never thought toe-tucks would take off and they did. Do you think there’s nothing wrong with faking cutesy cheeks or should dimples be dolled out by Mother Nature alone?

By Amy Molloy


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