Talking Point: what are you giving up for lent?

18 February 2010

Lent - whether you’re religious or not – is a great excuse for a self imposed detox. Forty days and forty nights of abstinence, that purges our bodies before the Easter egg gorge (a well-deserved reward after all that good work).  

Since our school days, we’ve given up one of three things: chocolate, sweets and (in later years) swearing. But these days our objects-of-denial are less traditional.  

A new survey which asked 1000 people what they were giving up this year shows though Mars Bars are still our biggest vice, with 43% of people giving chocolate up, the top 10 has a 20th century twist.

1.      Chocolate -  43%
2.      Sex – 36%
3.      Cigarettes – 34%
4.      Caffeine – 29%
5.      Social networking – 20%
6.      Alcohol - 20%
7.      Fake tan – 16%
8.      Texting – 12%
9.      Sugar – 10%
10.   Swearing – 6%

We reckon giving up sex is a little bit cheeky as you’re effectively dictating what someone else gives up? If your other half is giving up sex for Lent don’t fret, as according to this survey only a fifth will go the distance and a tenth will cave after less then seven days.
So, Facebook, fake tan or [insert own vice here], what would be your biggest sacrifice? We want to know what you couldn’t go 40 days without…

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By Amy Molloy


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