Nothing worse than bad socks?

17 February 2010

A new book ‘Undateable’ is a field manual of fashion faux pas guaranteed to get you dumped before dessert. 
The authors Ellen Rakieten and Anne Coyle list novelty belt buckles, ‘mandannas’, red tube socks and Speedos among their no-nos (though we’re not sure what manner of date would have a swimwear dress code).

And that’s not the only literature on the subject. One time lovers Dave Horwitz and Marisa Pinson have spent the last year of their lives compiling a list of relationship-ruining behavior on their Deal Breaker blog. It doesn’t just stretch to wardrobe malfunctions. Their list includes interior design – ‘your Athena lesbian kissing poster, your naked light bulbs’, table manners ‘you’re a picky eater’ and personal hygiene, ‘your cucumber melon body spray.’
‘[These traits] are usually indicative of a much larger problem’ said co-blogger Dave Horwitz, ‘You rarely find a scintillating, fascinating, brilliant sexy person wearing Crocs.’

We couldn’t possibly comment…

But we can open to the floor to you. Are we women being too pernickety? Or are ‘wallet chains’ and ‘use of emoticons’ unforgivable?
Tell us what’s on your deal breaker list…

By Amy Molloy


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