Talking Point: Broadband or boyfriend?

15 February 2010

If they do make a Bridget Jones trequel, our heroine will have to rehash her priorities. Forget the desperate search for a soon-to-be-husband according to a new study we don’t need love – just a laptop.

When over 2000 women were asked if they’d rather spend a week without their partner of computer more then 40% said they’d rather be alone, but logged on.

One in five women also admitted they’d be more upset if they lost their laptop than if their relationship ended.   

The reasons given? A fear of being cut off from their friends and family (umm, ever heard of a telephone or a face-to-face meeting?) and losing touch with current affairs (well, a week without Grazia Daily would be traumatic). Many also said the web was more reliable then their spouses...

Broadband or boyfriend? Which would you rather? Ok, the former is available 24/7 but won’t be much use when you’ve got shelves to put up, need a shoulder to cry on, or wedding plus one? And what does it say about us – and the dating scene – that cyberspace is our number one companion?

- Amy Molloy


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