Talking Point: think your man knows you? Think again!

09 February 2010

How well does your other half know you? If he’s anything like your average British bloke he could barely pick you out of a line up – that’s if a new study is to be believed.

Researchers from The Perfume Shop who quizzed over 2000 men found though six out of ten claimed they knew their spouses inside out, when put to the test, their know-how didn’t hold up.

Looks wise 12% didn’t know their partners eye colour, 30 % were oblivious to her bra size and 8 % were clueless as to their natural hair colour. And these are men who lived with their loved ones! Maybe love really is blind…

But, what does it matter? Beauty’s only skin deep, right? Never mind if he blanks out your vital stats, as long as he remembers birthdays and the like…

Prepare to be disappointed then, as 10% of boyfriends don’t know their partner's date of birth and 11% don’t know their job title.

'These things are vitally important to women,’ said relationship expert Francine Kaye, ‘But men are wired differently. We're not talking about one in a hundred men who fail to notice basic details. We're talking about the majority. Women remember friends' birthdays and tell friends they look good. But there is not point in trying to make men like us.’

So, don’t get your hopes up this Valentine's Day – unless you’ve dropped a mighty big hint. And it’s a waste of time getting a conspirator to nudge him in the right direction. Nearly a quarter of men don’t know their wife or girlfriends best friend's name…

We give up!

- Amy Molloy


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