Does my bum look big in this body scan?

02 February 2010

Airport body scans – a sensible measure or an invasion of privacy? Whatever your take, it’s too late to campaign, as from today the scanners are up and running in Heathrow and Manchester airports – and any passenger who refuses to comply will be barred from getting on their flight.

When the Government first announced this scheme there was outrage. ‘But they’ll see us naked!’ ‘They can see our genitals’… But the powers-that-be insist it’s far less intrusive than a hands-on pat-down.

Seeing as the UK terror alert has been increased to ‘severe’ (before it was only ‘substantial’) do you think the new security measures are justified? Let’s put this in perspective – it’s one naked snapshot, hardly a centrefold in Loaded - and the images are deleted immediately, as soon as staff have assessed them.

Still, many believe it’s a breach of our privacy. 'Those upset by the prospect of undergoing these scans shouldn't be forced to choose between their dignity and their flight,’ said Alex Deane, director of campaign group Big Brother Watch. 'When we are forced to expose ourselves at the airport in order to go on holiday, the terrorists have won.'

This reminds us of a stand-up routine we heard just after this scheme hit the news. ‘The British are so prudish,’ the comedian said. ‘We’ll need Gok Wan at the scanners clapping women through...’

Protect your modesty or protect against terrorism? Is there any competition?

- Amy Molloy


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