Can out-earning your spouse ruin your relationship?

01 February 2010

charlize theron

The mancession has shaken up the standard family set-up. Now, more and more men are staying home with the kids, whilst in 44% of UK households the woman in the relationship is the main breadwinner. We should be happy, right? Finally our (wo)man hours are paying dividends. Now, it’s the men left holding the baby, whilst we bring home the bacon… As long as the bills are paid and mortgage met, there’s no problem. Or is there?

Charlize Theron and her partner of nine years Stuart Townsend have split amidst rumours she was fed up of being the breadwinner. Though the pair are both actors, Stuart's career hasn’t gone too well of late - credits including a supporting role in The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and a starring role in the US show Night Stalker, which was cancelled after six episodes. He recently left the cast of Thor because of ‘creative differences’.

Then there’s Oscar winner Charlize, whose latest film The Road opened this month. Not taking in to account her film wages, as the face of Dior J’Adore perfume, she earned £10million.

‘Charlize has never made a big deal of it, but the truth is that she has been the major breadwinner,’ said a friend of the couple, ‘She truly loved Stuart but the relationship ran its course. He is heartbroken but she is insisting it is all over.’

In the past Charlize’s spoken about the struggles of being more successful then her other half.

‘Living with another actor, you always feel guilty if things are going your way and it’s not going that way for the other person,’ she said. Now, if rumours are to be believed, it’s proved a deal breaker in their relationship.

Since the split, Stuart has moved out of the house in the Hollywood Hills that they shared – which is in Charlize’s name. She’s also given back the antique commitment ring Stuart gave her, which she previously described as her most precious possession.

But enough about celebs – we want to hear from you. Grazia career girls, do you out-earn your spouse? And what effect does it have on your relationship? Does it bruise his ego, not bringing home the lions share, or are you both happy as long as the bills are paid?

You tell us…

- Amy Molloy 


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