Do YOU vote for more attractive politicians?

28 January 2010

‘Call me Dave’ Cameron has come under a lot of flack for his suspiciously wrinkle-free campaign mug shots (with a whole website dedicated to spoofs of the poster titled ‘airbrushed for life’), but if a new report is anything to go by, the Conservative’s Photoshopper will secure them a victory.

Scientists polled more then 10,000 voters and found they’re swayed by good-looking candidates. The guinea pigs were shown photos of 2,000 politicians and asked to rate their attractiveness, intelligence, trustworthiness, likability and competence.

And the results? The more attractive they were, the higher they scored in the rest of the categories. And, as most of the voters admitted they didn’t even recognise most of the politicians, let alone know their policies, the results really were based on looks alone.

‘Our main result is that beauty seems to help,’ said a representative from the study. ‘The positive relationship between beauty and electoral success holds for both male and female candidates.’

Do you vote for politicians based on their looks, or are you all about the issues? Be honest now, we won’t call you shallow. We understand the power of a cute dimple…

- Amy Molloy.


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