Boredom Buster: very childish winter sports theme

22 January 2010

It’s Friday, it’s been a long long loooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg week and we’re tired (and so poor, roll on pay day for goodness sake). High fashion and high culture are the last things on our minds – all we want to do is go home and watch Celeb BB snuggled under a blanket with a large glass of (cheap) red and a big plate of carbs. Sniff. If you too feel like hibernating, then sit back and enjoy one of THE most immature Boredom Busters yet. Inspired by the videos below, we have compiled our favourite winter sport calamity videos of all time. Enjoy!

This is the video which started it all off. Like we said, it’s not big, it’s not clever, but it is very very funny!

Arguably the best sport movie ever made – we just can’t watch Cool Runnings too many times. Come and join us for a spot of reminiscing with the trailer. GO JAMAICA!!

For some reason there don’t seem to be any videos of Eddie the Eagle crashing (he’s since trained as a lawyer, so I reckon he’s managed to get them all censored). Anyway, we couldn’t do a winter sports calamity video special without him, so here’s video of Eddie the Eagle miraculously landing a 59m ski jump. Wooha!

Ice skating - how scary is that! It’s just not as glamorous in real life as it is in the movies, yet every winter we find ourselves on some outdoor rink at a beautiful tourist attraction, squeezing into uncomfortable boots, and wishing we were in the café having another hot chocolate instead of staggering around the rink all jelly legs like Bambi! If you too find Ice skating to be a hair-raising experience take comfort in this video of Todd Carty (of Eastenders fame) looking quite frankly terrified during last years Dancing on Ice – bless!


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