Talking point: Why nudity means life imprisonment - in the UK!

15 January 2010

Did you realise clothes-dodging could get you locked up for life? Well, Stephen Gough, the 50-year-old naked rambler, has discovered nudity isn’t as liberating as he’d hoped.

The naturist has been repeatedly arrested for streaking, or as the Scottish authorities have labelled it, ‘breaching the peace’. Gough walked free from Perth prison in December, but was arrested within a minute of his release for refusing to put on clothes. He’s been warned that every time he leaves prison in the nude he’ll be dragged back inside.

‘The freedom to go naked in public is a basic human right,’ insists Gough.

We’ve got to ask: is nudity really so shocking and offensive these days when Z-list celebrities are out in public wearing next to nothing? Or is ‘below the belt’ nudity the last taboo?

- Kate Faithfull


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