Talking Point: our SATC2 musings...

05 January 2010

The new trailer for the not-very-soon-to-be-released (May 28th!) Sex And The City sequel hit screens this week. For our full fashion breakdown, see the current issue of Grazia, out today.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy, with a few of our random thoughts….

WHY aren’t Carrie and Big living together?

WHY is Carrie back in her old apartment (or has she just turned the whole place into a walk-in wardrobe?)

WHY don’t we live in a swanky apartment block with a stripy canopy and two doormen? * Sulk *

Miranda: mustard - NO.

Are those white court shoes Carrie is wearing in her closet?

Even these women’s pets are over-accessorised...

Those Bling style titles are very 2001.

For all her faults, Carrie can seriously rock a turban.

WHAT woman in her right mind would dress like a waiter AND crimp her hair for a date? (yeah; just guess)

Wowsers, WHO is that guy with Samantha at the wedding? (Smith who?)

WHY put up a headline like ‘The Fashion’ and then cut to a picture of Carrie wearing a skirt made out of a duvet, a logo vest, a souvenir bag, and a fan?

WILL Big ever get out of that car? Rudeness. (Carrie, wake up and smell the coffee; he didn’t get out of the car for his own wedding, and it looks like nothing has changed).

Why is Charlotte dressed like Joan Collins in Morocco?

Carrie’s 1920s bob? Nice.

Samantha’s insanely bejewelled swimsuit: unlikely to be terribly buoyant

Americans get like, about three days holiday a year so HOW have these high powered women managed to coordinate their diaries to fit in yet another exotic holiday together?



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